WiCHacks 2017

WiCHacks17 was awesome! To see the cool projects that were made during the hackathon, check out the official DevPost! Curious about attending a hackathon? Take a look at these pictures from WiCHacks17 to paint a better picture of the event!

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Calling all women!

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, join RIT Women in Computing at Newbie Track is TBD. WiCHacks on TBD at RIT!

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About WiCHacks

WiCHacks is an all women 24-hour hackathon hosted by Women in Computing at RIT. A hackathon is a collaborative programming event in which participants create an app, website, game, or other piece of software over the course of the event. Hackathon participants can be female college (including non-RIT) or high school students who are at least 16 years of age.

This event is open to women of all skill levels: those who haven’t programmed at all, women who have done some programming, and the best women programmers out there. It will be a great day to learn, invent, and create the future. Don’t have a team in mind? No worries -- RIT Women in Computing will be hosting a series of events (including one on the morning of the event) to facilitate team formation. All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks) will be provided, and participation is free.

New to programming? Join our Newbie Track! The Newbie Track runs right along with the hackathon and teaches basic programming skills to those who have little to no programming experience.

All hackers and newbies who participate in the hackathon will have the opportunity to upload their resume to our resume database that will be shared with all of our sponsors!

Newbie Track

A Newbie is a future programmer who wants to learn about coding and acquire the basics of a programming language. This track is for students who want to be involved in the hackathon but have no programming experience. This will give students the opportunity to learn how to code and produce a project over the course of the hackathon. The Newbie Track will cover Web Development featuring HTML, CSS, and Javascript!


Frequently Asked Questions


***All minors must fill out the minor release form. Forms will be collected at registration.***

Rule for those under 18: RIT policy dictates that individuals under the age of 18 are not able to stay on the campus overnight. Individuals under the age of 18 are required to leave the premise by 12:00AM but may return by 6:00AM. Before leaving the premises, stop by the registration desk so that a WiCHacks volunteer can confirm your departure. We require that the parent/guardian picking you up have their contact information on the minor release form. For any questions, email us at wic.hacks.rit@gmail.com.


Is your company interested in sponsoring WiCHacks? We would love to talk to you about sponsoring WiCHacks! Opportunites for sponsorship are described here. Please send us an email at wic.hacks.rit@gmail.com for more information.






Code of Conduct